Tyvek Heat-sealing Flat Reel
  • Tyvek Heat-sealing Flat Reel
Product Name:Tyvek Heat-sealing Flat Reel
Product Name:Tyvek Heat-sealing Flat Reel
Material:Tyvek(2FS,1059B, 1073B),high quality easy tear film;
Features:Super bacteria barrier,clean stripping,excellent tear resistance;Meet ISO 11607 and EN 868 standard.
Usage scope:for packing medical device such us gloves,marks,gauze and cotton bar etc.
Sterilization method:Gamma-ray,EO,Plasma.
TRTHR50200 50mm*200m TRTHR300200 300mm*200m
TRTHR55200 55mm*200m TRTHR350200 350mm*200m
TRTHR75200 75mm*200m TRTHR400200 400mm*200m
TRTHR100200 100mm*200m TRTHR450200 450mm*200m
TRTHR150200 150mm*200m TRTHR500200 500mm*200m
TRTHR200200 200mm*200m TRTHR550200 550mm*200m
TRTHR250200 250mm*200m TRTHR600200 600mm*200m

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